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Retail Hours:
Tues-Sat 10-6
Donation Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-5;
Sat 10-2

Grand Opening Day

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Prayers for the Love INC Thrift Shoppe

What an amazing day at the Love INC Thrift Shoppe! We started with prayers by the Pastors of the Love INC partnership churches.  Many prayers were shared and raised up for the volunteers and the customers.  We hope that we may become a blessing to the community by building relationships and spreading the Love of Jesus Christ to those in our community.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Then we had the Chamber Ambassadors for the ribbon cutting. What an out pouring of community support on our Grand Opening Day. We can’t thank all of you enough. What a blessing you all are for the Love INC ministry.

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Love INC Mission

To mobilize churches to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ

Love INC Thrift Shoppe Purpose

  • Develop a sustainable funding source to support Love INC of Mahaska County ministries, as well as ultimately create new ministries to address need in our community in ways we aren't currently able to do.

  • Support the local economy by providing a place for the community to donate goods and for people from miles around to shop for quality, "gently used" goods at thrift store prices

  • Create opportunities for volunteers to serve in support of the Love INC ministry and build relationships with our neighbors and each other


Redemptive Compassion Principles:

·  See everyone's value

·  Invest relationally in others

·  Help everyone achieve their God-given potential

·  Require mutual contribution and participation

·  Respond with wisdom and discernment

·  Serve in ways that transform

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Wagon Wheel Principle

The Wagon Principle is displayed in the Love INC Thrift Shoppe. We believe in a wholistic hands up approach and share how important it is to get all four wheels on the wagon going in the same direction. The Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Relational wheels all need to be going in the same direction to carry the stuff of life that takes our time, energy and resources.


We Love our Volunteers

Volunteer Shifts

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

3:00 pm - 6 pm

Feel free to drop in anytime 

Greeters & Donation Receivers 

Clothing Sorters


Donation Sorters and/or Pricers


Customer Service


Greeters & Donation Receivers

Our first and very important volunteer. This volunteer greets the donator at the donation door after they have buzzed us letting us know they are waiting outside to share their donations. We will assist with loading donations in carts if you have several items. This volunteer insures that donations received are ones that we are able to receive. We receive donations 10-5, Monday - Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. Please refer to “Sometimes we have to say no” posting of what we are unable to receive. Upon request, we will provide a tax receipt signed by the volunteer to use for tax purposes.


Clothing Sorters

Volunteers sort through donated clothing items (including purses, shoes, linen, etc.) They go through clothing items and identify which are suitable for re-sale, for recycling, or for disposal.



They check through clothing to ensure that nothing is left in the pockets, zippers work properly, all the buttons are intact, no stains or tears, etc. They hang these clothes on the racks and wait for one of the Store Managers to approve them for sale. These clothes are then tagged with a color (which rotates monthly), priced, and put out onto the sales floor.


Donation Sorters and/or Pricers

Not all donated items (home decor, housewares, etc.) are suitable for sale. Donation sorters go through newly donated items to identify items suitable for re-sale, for recycling and for disposal. They make an initial assessment of all items and set aside items that they are not sure of. Pricers are asked by the Store Manager to assist with the pricing of inventory. These volunteers are selected based on their experience in the store or due to past experience gained in other thrift or second hand stores. In short, they have special knowledge of the resale value of the goods.


  • Cashier volunteers operate the cash register and handle cash and debit sales for customers. This includes completing sales transactions, bagging purchased items and thanking customers for shopping with us! Cashier volunteers also show customers items in our secure display case upon request. When not busy, cashier volunteers tidy and clean the area around the cashier counters.

  • Customer service volunteers provide friendly and courteous service to customers, which involve greeting them as they arrive and offering assistance to find items they seek in the store. They bring newly priced inventory out for display and keep displays organized and tidy. They clear change rooms after use and return un-purchased clothing items to display. These volunteers also keep the store clean, tidy and organized. All customer service volunteers who work the last shift of the day are responsible for a quick tidy of the store before leaving for the night.

  • Cleaning crew for Saturday to clean floors and bathrooms in the retail and Warehouse areas so we have a fresh start for the new week on Monday.

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